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canada day 2017


Thank you for an incredible first half of the year. Due to an overflow of clients, I will not be accepting new projects until late September 2017. Feel free to send an email to discuss – and have a relaxing (and safe) summer!

The Company

Mike Doyle Design Studio was officially launched in January 2012 and has seen increasing success from a simple combination of professional and dedicated service at a very modest price point. My goal is to create a direct and sustainable relationship with clients and promote long term value for everyone involved.


Mike Doyle Design Studio was officially launched in January 2012. I began designing on a computer as a hobby in 1995 and eventually earned a paid position in 2004 for the Bluewater Recycling Association. Over the next 8 years, I gained valuable experience in many different mediums and formats. The most important realization was that I simply loved the work involved. A difficult decision was made to postpone enrollment in an MBA program, but I saw an immediate opportunity.


I applied the knowledge gained from a business degree in commercial studies to realize a unique niche market for small and medium businesses was growing: Companies that desired the branding, design and web presence reflecting their mission – at a budget under $5,000. Larger design agencies will often quote too much for many basic services, while many local freelance solutions produced low-quality, inconsistent work.


Fast forward 3 years later and the company has seen increasing success derived from a simple combination of clean, personal & modern services at a modest price point. In a saturated design market, my goal is to create a direct and sustainable relationship with customers. I value the trust of long term clients, and aim to provide a dependable, flexible and affordable solution.

In September 2015, we moved to Kingston Ontario due to a career opportunity in the ‘family’. I aim to bring the same level of service, dedication and detail to the local businesses and organizations in the area. It is an exciting new opportunity, and one I believe will lead to growth. I still deal with many long term clients in the London, Guelph, Burlington, Toronto & Scarborough areas – so I consider myself an ‘Ontario-based’ developer!

  • HTML5 Web Design
  • WordPress Web Design
  • Custom Blog Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • One Page Web Design
  • Responsive & Fluid Layout Designs
  • Mobile Retina Friendly Web Design
  • MIVA Merchant eCommerce Site
  • Magento eCommerce Site
  • CMS Driven Sites (DNN/Joomla/Drupal)
  • Logo Design
  • Vector Graphic Design
  • Advertisement Design
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Billboard & Road Signage
  • Floorplan Layout Design
  • Website Skinning Design
  • Photograph Manipulation
  • Newspaper & Magazine Ads
  • Company Branding Design
  • Website Maintenance Services
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Branding Strategies
  • Professional Photography Packages
  • Hosting Migration & Support
  • Constant Contact & Mailchimp Services
  • Facebook & Twitter Social Pages
  • Proof Reading & Copywriting
  • Business Plans & Competitive Analysis
  • 24/7 Availability with no *Rush Charges*
Here is a list of some various websites created for clients. I would love to add your company to this section!

I have a tremendous amount of respect for design agencies. They have paved the path for technology, usability, functionality  and design through dedicated teams of innovators and hard workers. I use many of these tools, scripts, frameworks and themes in my own work. For certain companies, these agencies provide a necessary high-end service that will deliver consistent results with incredible user support and truly custom features.


What many people don’t realize is you can achieve a great deal of the high-end work an agency provides through a single, experienced individual. An agency may have a team of multiple coders, designers, project leads, marketers, advertisers and outsourced specialty services. While they provide the most flexibility, I would argue that the majority of web projects required by small and medium businesses only need the knowledge of one person.


I believe that through the last 10 years of experience, I have developed the tools required to serve most client needs. I am constantly learning, and find it a great pleasure to evolve alongside the fast-paced industry. All of my work and time is heavily documented, and direct client contact with myself is a priority so that you are comfortable and satisfied from the start to finish of a project.


Many people love to withhold their rates, while it is perhaps the most important factor in a clients decision. Like any service, there can be fluctuation in project completion times. I will almost always honour the original project quote I give, and even do the final work free of charge if we exceed the quote. If you have a budget from $250-$2500 for design, and $1500-$7500 for website solutions – then I believe the building blocks of a great project are available.


For 2016, my rates will be fixed between $35-50 an hour depending on the level of service. Basic graphic design will be charged at a lower rate than web development, coding and critical design. Contact me today for a discussion and meeting.




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